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To raise awareness of the many hardworking animal rescues and charities across the country, we plan to highlight their activities on our blog throughout the coming year. So if you’re involved in this area and would like your organisation to be included, just get in touch with us at

We recently donated some Eco Mutt Shampoo and a selection of towels etc. that we collected from some of our lovely Eco Mutt customers and neighbours. DAAG was delighted to put them to good use and were happy to give us some information about who they are, what they do and how we can help.  We'll also donate an Eco Mutt Gift Set to be used to help raise much needed funds for every group featured.

Eco Mutt supporting animal rescue charities

Adopt Don’t Shop - January 2020

Featuring Deel Animal Action Group (DAAG)

Deel Animal Action Group (DAAG)  is an animal rescue charity based in west Limerick. We are established since 2016 and are now a registered charity. We are run solely by volunteers, all of whom have jobs and family commitments etc.  

Our main aim is to get stray and abandoned animals to a place of safety. 

We do not have a premises so we rely on the fantastic support of people in our community to open their homes to our dogs and cats and foster them until they find their forever homes. We provide all food, bowls, bedding etc for the dog / cat while they are in foster care. Foster care is a wonderful way of helping these often shy, nervous or scared dogs and cats to gain trust in people again and it allows their brilliant personalities show. We think they thrive in foster care in a loving and caring home environment.  

Before they are adopted they will be vaccinated and neutered and all dogs will be microchipped. A home check would have to be done before any dog or cat is adopted from us because we need to ensure they would be going to a good home. Often we don't know what kind of past these animals have had so its vital they get a good, loving home where they will be part of the family and shown the love they deserve. Plus it allows us to ensure the home suits the pet and visa versa. 

A standard adoption fee does apply when adopting from us to help us cover the cost if the vet bills (vaccines, neutering and microchip plus many of our animals require other vet visits for medications, investigations and even surgery so vet bills mount up quickly). 

Some of our volunteers also help to neuter local feral cat colonies so they run TNRs, which is trap, neuter and return. This often involves many hours of work, first trying to establish a regular feeding time for the colony, then coordinating the feeding times with having traps set up and ready. Once the cats are safe in the traps (which doesn't always happen on day 1!) they are transported to the vets to be neutered and checked over and treated for any infections if necessary and then once they are recovered they are released back to their colony.  

As we only have a very small number of foster homes, they fill up very quickly .  When this happens we pay a local boarding kennel to shelter our dogs. This can be very costly but in order to save as many as we can, it has become a necessity for us. Once dogs are rehomed, we immediately fill that space.  With the current housing crisis and landlords not allowing pets into accommodation, we also get a huge amount of surrendered animals. It is very upsetting to see pets being torn from their families, the look of bewilderment on a pets face when they realise they are in a strange place without their family, is possibly one of the most heartbreaking situations we find ourselves in.  

Where possible, we work closely with Limerick and Kerry Pound and try to take as many dogs as we can from them.  These dogs may have been lost and straying with no microchip or identification tag, which is the law, and no owner coming forward for them.  Many dogs are surrendered into the pound around Christmas time to make way for a new puppy or after the new year when the new puppy is no longer wanted. Christmas is the worst time for rescues.  

We also home many Greyhounds.  Greyhounds coming from the racing industry who are no longer fast enough to race and are abandoned in the pounds, some are surrendered directly to us.  These hounds almost always go to our wonderful friends in the U.K. who help us find 5 star homes for them. The greyhound Racing industry destroys and kills over six thousand innocent dogs every year.  We consider the ones who come to us the lucky ones.  

We would love if Irish people would consider rehoming Greyhounds and Lurchers.  They are sweet, gentle natured dogs who love nothing more than to snooze their days away than be outside exercising, in fact, Greyhounds can be a lot more like cats than dogs!!! They make great family pets. 

What can you do to help?

Apart from donations of money, we always need cat / dog food, bowls, bedding, dog and cat toys and collars and leads. 

To donate:


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