Adopt Don’t Shop Series - February 2020

To raise awareness of the many hardworking animal rescues and charities across the country, we plan to highlight their activities on our blog throughout the coming year. So if you’re involved in this area and would like your organisation to be included, just get in touch with us at

We recently donated some Eco Mutt Products and a selection of towels etc. that we regularly collect from our generous Eco Mutt customers and neighbours. Almost Home was delighted to put them to good use. 

Below you’ll find a note from Orla, a Volunteer at Almost Home telling us a little about the work they do and how we can help them to continue their important work. 

We'll also donate an Eco Mutt Gift Set to be used to help raise much needed funds for every group featured, so be sure to share and let us know about your favourite animal rescues! 

Adopt Don’t Shop - February 2020

Featuring Almost Home

Almost Home is a voluntary organisation for the rehoming of stray or unwanted domestic animals. 

We received a lovely note from Orla, one of the dedicated volunteers at Almost Home, who work tirelessly to help unwanted pets to find their Forever Homes!

Almost Home is based in Moira in Northern Ireland and staffed completely by volunteers like myself. It rescues all types of pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, birds and ferrets to name but a few! 

I volunteer in the Mother and Baby unit of the dog section and every Friday morning I find myself ankle, and sometimes knee deep in puppies and their poop! We rescue all kinds of mums and pups, from pure breeds to designer cross breeds (or mongrels as they were known when I was growing up). 

Eco Mutt kindly donated some of their fabulous products to us which have enabled us to send our beautiful rescues off to their new homes clean, shining and smelling wonderful! 

We rely on donations from the public and businesses with a heart like Eco Mutt and are very thankful to Sue for her generosity.

 Thank you Sue,

Orla, Teazel and the rest of the Almost Home Gang! 

What can you do to help?

Apart from donations of money, we always need cat / dog food, bowls, bedding, dog and cat toys and collars and leads. 

Amazon WishList - Almost Home Animal Rescue NI

To donate:


Phone: 07922921852



Here’s a picture of my “pup” Teazel who went from being Almost Home to being forever home five years ago.