Scooby’s pamper session with Eco Mutt’s Shampoo Bar

Scooby is our neighbour and comes to visit me from time to time. He knows exactly where the treats are stashed and is very willing to do all sorts of tricks to secure a few nibbles!!!

When his family are out doing boring, non doggie stuff, Scooby likes to hang out with me on deliveries and errands. He particularly enjoys all the attention he gets at our local cafe while I’m enjoying a well earned coffee, after we’ve finished our morning’s work.

Scooby (or rather his mum) decided he wanted to try out the latest batch of our Rosemary, Lavender & Mandarin Dog Shampoo Bars, so we set up a little pamper area for him in our kitchen. Scooby decided he preferred to stand throughout his wash so he could keep an eye on the treats I had for after!

As you can see from our little home movie, it’s super easy to use our Dog Shampoo Bars! Although we may upgrade to the bath for Scooby next time as we’d underestimated the space he’d take up!!

Using our shampoo bars couldn’t be easier. The trick is to thoroughly wet your dog with lots of warm water. Rub the Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar on your dog to create a lovely creamy lather. Always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a fresh towel and follow with lots of cuddles!

The Eco Mutt Team!