Cloud9 Soaps for HUMANS

Passionate About Dogs
We are offering handmade natural products for dogs and people who enjoy quality aromatherapy soaps & candles.

We'd love all dogs to be washed in a natural handcrafted products without chemicals, toxins or sls!
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In addition to Aromatherapy Grooming Products for Dogs, we also have a range of handmade products for HUMANS too!

Cloud9 Soaps & Candles produces Aromatherapy Soaps for people.

We've a very limited number of Cloud9 Soaps available after a very busy Christmas. 

We offer a bespoke service too, so get in touch if you have any specific requirements.

Like Eco Mutt, our ethos is the same, all products are Vegan Friendly; Cruelty Free and Toxin Free.

You can see a full range of Cloud9 products here and a selection of our best sellers here on Eco Mutt.

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