Bathtime Lick Mat & Shampoo Bar Gift Set - Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree

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Luxurious hand crafted Shampoo Bar made especially for dogs and a Lick Mat to make bath-time fun! All wrapped up and ready to gift to your favourite pooch! 

A great stocking filler!

100% natural ingredients including olive & coconut oils which are great for a shiny, moisturised coat! Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree essential oils to calm & refresh your pooch!

Directions for use: Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water. Rub the Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar on your dog to create a lovely creamy lather. Always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a fresh towel and follow with lots of cuddles!

Avg bar weight 100g
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Toxin & Chemical Free

A non-slip treat mat ideal for making bath-time less stressful and more fun!  

Instructions: Stick the mat to any smooth, clean and hard surface (like the side of the bath). Spread your pets favourite soft treat or peanut butter onto the lick mat. The pet can enjoy the treat while being washed and sees bath-time as an fun experience!

 It can also be used in the Summertime to freeze your pets favourite soft treat.


eco mutt travel water bowl and shampoo bar gift set
ECO MUTT DOG SHAMPOO BAR Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree
Aromatherapy Dog Soap Bar - Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree. pure aromatherapy dog shampoo bar. natural flea and tick repellent. ideal for sensitive dogs. Free from artificial fragrance.  Locally handmade.
Bathtime Lick Mat & Shampoo Bar Gift Set - Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree