Eco Mutt Shampoo Duo Dog Gift Box

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Luxurious hand crafted shampoo bars made especially for Dogs presented in a Kraft Gift Box, with gift tag.

100% natural ingredients including olive, coconut and sustainable palm oil which works a treat for a luxurious, shiny coat.

Contains two bars of our most popular shampoo 

Rosemary, Lavender & Mandarin 

Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree

Directions for use: Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water. Rub the Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar on your dog to create a lovely creamy lather. Always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a fresh Towel and follow with lots of cuddles!

Remember to always keep your Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar in a dry place between uses as it will last so much longer if allowed to dry out between uses. Our Eco Mutt Soap Tins are the perfect fit to keep your soap safe and dry!

If this is a gift, let us know when ordering and we can include a handwritten note for you.

Avg Bar Weight 100g

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly
Toxin & Chemical Free


Eco Mutt Shampoo Duo Dog Gift Box
Eco Mutt Shampoo Duo Dog Gift Box
Eco Mutt Shampoo Duo Dog Gift Box