Dog Soap Bar - Shea Butter, Unscented

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Luxurious hand crafted shampoo bar made especially for dogs.

100% natural ingredients including shea butter, olive & coconut oils which are great for moisturising and nourishing dry skin.

This soap is unscented so idea for super sensitive pooches who can’t tolerate essential oils.

Directions for use:Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water. Rub the Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar on your dog to create a lovely creamy lather. Always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a fresh towel and follow with lots of cuddles!

Avg bar weight 100g
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Toxin & Chemical Free


ECO MUTT Unscented DOG SHAMPOO BAR Perfect for Puppies
unscented shea butter soap bar. lashings of natural shea nut butter. perfect for super sensitive dogs that can't tolerate any form of chemicals or perfumes in their shampoo. shea butter is naturally moisturising and will sooth sore itchy skin. Handmade in Dublin Ireland. Eco Mutt produces a range of natural dog shampoo. 100% natural.